Backlit display
Adjustable backlight intensity (including NEVER turn on)
10 character 16 segment status line display, adjustable scrolling
Downloadable dealer name/number for service alerts
Installer hidden tests to exercise equipment on installation
Switchable manual or auto changeover
Number of days in time period program 0,1 0,1,5/2,7 0,1,5/2,7
Morning, day, evening, night periods
2 stage heat, 1 stage cool - -
2 stage heat, 2 stage cool - -
3 stage heat, 2 stage cool - -
Adjustable interstage timers/deadbands -
Adjustable trailing fan delay after cool satisfies -
Can set 2nd/3rd stages to remain on until setpoint -
Dual fuel support - -
Aux heat lockout based on outdoor temp - -
"Programmable output (time/temp/aux/economizer/error)" - -
Outdoor sensor ready
Hi/Lo outdoor temp for the day -
Control to, or, monitor 2nd sensor -
Can average 1 remote sensor with thermostat - -
Equipped with humidity module - -
Cool to dehumidify capable - -
Reheat capable - -
Security Levels (set point limiting, etc.) -
Accepts plug-in USB programmer
Accepts RF Module
Remote wireless add-a-thermostat (requires RF module) -
Remote wireless temperature sensor (requires RF module)
Comfort call (requires RF module)
Remote error code input device, residential protocol (req RF module)
Comfort recovery -
Fault input (X/L)
Dry contact equipped Condensate overflow Condensate overflow/Vacation Condensate overflow/Vacation
Service Filter reminder
Humidifier Pad service reminder - -
UV lamp replacement reminder
Aux heat indicator
Y2 indicator -
Programmable fan -
Vacation/Holiday mode -
Energy watch - -
Random start
F or C
6 amp outputs G, Y1 G, Y1, Y2 G, Y1, Y2
1 amp outputs W1, W2 W1, W2, W3 W1, W2, W3, HUM, DEHUM, PROG