The S1-THSU32HP7S is our high end residential thermostat. What sets the this thermostat apart from the rest of the residential LX thermostats is its ability to control and monitor humidity.
This thermostat is packed with a rich feature set. It includes such features as outdoor temperature sensing, averaging the thermostat's temperature sensor with a wireless remote temperature sensor, and is dual fuel compatible.

As with all of the LX Series thermostats, you may program a custom message on the scrolling marquee using the optional LX USB programmer accessory.

  • Switchable 1 day, 5/2 day, 7 day programmable or non-programmable
  • Backlit display
  • Adjustable backlight intensity
  • Up to 4 stages of heating, 2 stages of cooling
  • Customizable scrolling marquee
  • Customizable service alerts and error messages
  • Switchable manual and auto changeover
  • Morning, day, evening, and night time periods
  • Outdoor sensor ready with display of hi/lo daily temperatures
  • Programmer compatible
  • Wireless accessories including add-a-wireless thermostat
  • Fault input
  • Service filter reminder
  • UV lamp replacement reminder
  • Can control to temperature from optional remote sensor
  • Aux heat indicator
  • Random start
  • Dual units (F or C)
  • Heat pump compatible
  • Backlit, color-coded keys and legends
  • Large, easy to read backlit display
  • Adjustable interstage timers and deadbands
  • LED indicator glows green or red to indicate cooling or heating
  • Service filter and UV light indicators
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Keypad lock
  • Vacation mode to allow up to 99 days of energy savings
  • Dry contact input for condensate overflow
  • Setpoint limiting
  • Smart recovery for morning warmup for heatpump applications
  • Dual fuel
  • Can lock out strip heat above desired outdoor temperatures
  • Humidity module equipped, performs humidification, dehumidification and reheat
  • Auxiliary output can be controlled based on temperature, time or other events
  • Keeps separate track of heating and cooling runtimes
  • Programmable fan option turns fan on periodically based on special program, ideal for electronic air cleaners