The Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensor allows the current air temperature to be displayed on your LX Series thermostat and can be configured to be an outdoor or an indoor sensor. Additionally, when used as an outdoor temperature sensor, the LX Series thermostat will track the high and low temperatures of the day. When using an remote indoor sensor, some LX Series thermostats can control to, monitor, or average multiple (up to 8) temperature sensors.

Operating on radio frequency, this wireless sensor's signal can travel through most doors, walls, ceilings and floors with a maximum range of 500 feet in clear air. The automatic transmission rate and frequency hopping algorithm helps preserve battery life.

  • Configurable to be an indoor or an outdoor temperature sensor
  • 5 minute installation
  • Wireless
  • Can link with up to 4 thermostats when used as an outdoor temperature sensor
  • Operating temperature range 0F to +130F
  • Automatic transmission rates to preserve battery life
  • Easy configuration
  • Outdoor/indoor temperature can be monitored on the phone with the comfort call accessory
  • Up to 2 year battery life
  • Includes two AAA alkaline batteries
  • Requires the LX RF Wireless Module
  • FCC approved

The following downloads are available for S1-LXRFTS: