Use the USB Programmer Module to quickly setup thermostats using your computer or by transferring another thermostat's settings. This unique accessory allows the installer to copy stored information from a thermostat, which can then be loaded into other thermostats without the need to manually configure each setting. Additionally, the USB programmerís basic and advanced settings can be preset for any of the six LX Series thermostats in advance on a computer using the included software.

Using the free included software, contractors can also put their name and phone number on the LX Series thermostat's scrolling marquee in the event of service alert. Additionally, preload thermostat settings in your office for quick uploading on the job site.

Download USB Programmer Software:

Your USB Programmer comes with both the Windows and MAC OS X software required to pre-configure the USB Programmer on your computer before taking it out on the field to quickly set up the LX Series thermostats. We also provide the software as a free download in case you have misplaced the original CD:

  • Intuitive software makes it easy to program on your computer
  • Customized scrolling messages to appear on the thermostat display
  • Allows quick & easy copying from one thermostat to the next
  • Choose from Clock, Time Period, Schedules or All Data copy
  • Stores data from several models simultaneously
  • Compatible with all LX Series Thermostats
  • Battery backup keeps the clock and day of the week current
  • Comes with software (Mac OSX/Windows Compatible)
  • Includes 2 "AA" alkaline batteries