CTS Series Overview

Customizable Wallpaper & Slideshow

Customize the appearance of CTS by uploading up to 100 of photos for the screen savers and even selecting one to use as the background wallpaper. Importing photos into CTS is simple using the CTS Desktop App software and an SD memory card. Compatible with any Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer, CTS Desktop App is included with the CTS thermostat and can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Built-in Nature & Holiday Wallpaper Themes

CTS also comes with more than a dozen built-in nature and holiday-themed photos that can be used as background wallpaper for the thermostat. Holiday themes include Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Cinco de Mayo. Each theme has separate photos, displaying daytime and nighttime shots, along with showing the sun for day and the moon for night.

"Simple as You Want" Operation

"Simple as You Want" operation allows the cooling references to be removed from the display for homes without air conditioning and allows CTS to be installed as a programmable or non-programmable thermostat. "Simple Stat" operation mode provides enlarged display numbers and fewer display items, making it perfect for the most basic users.

Time Period Scheduler

Intuitive "Time Period" Scheduler automatically changes the temperature and mode for up to four periods per day, allowing for comfortable temperatures for sleeping, waking, and daytime, plus an energy savings mode for when no one is home.

At-a-Glance Information

"At-a-Glance" screen - clearly shows the heating and cooling status, as well as the room temperature (the temperature number in blue if air conditioning is on; in red if heating is on). Optional Outdoor Temperature Sensor allows the outside temperature to be displayed right on the screen along with the option to display the high and low temperatures for the day.

Nighttime Dimmer

Nighttime dimmer for bedroom thermostats allows adjustment of the time when the dimmer is on. The active and idle brightness levels can also be adjusted, from 0 to 100 percent brightness with complete darkness being an option when the dimmer is idle.

7-Day Energy Usage Graph

Energy Usage Information shows how much energy has been used to heat and cool for the past seven days helping in the evaluation of energy conservation options and opportunity to decrease energy costs.


Automatic screen lock available that can lock the screen minutes after it has been touched and requires a pass code to enable access (eliminates kids or guests changing thermostat settings). Security settings also enforce temperature set point limits - the system runs within set temperature parameters so that no one can run the air conditioning too low or the heat too high.

Programmable Daylight Savings, Multiple Languages, & Alerts and More

Programmable Daylight Savings mode automatically adjusts for daylight savings. Multiple language choices for English, Spanish or French. Ability to name the thermostat - each thermostat can have its own name, such as "Upstairs Thermostat" or even more friendly names, such as "The Smith Home."

Customizable Contractor Alerts

Program alerts for Service Filter and UV Light reminders along with a customizable Service Call display the contractors logo and contact information.

Universal Compatiblity

CTS is compatible with most heating and air conditioning equipment and controls gas/electric or heat pump equipment, with up to 4 heating and 2 cooling stages and is dual-fuel capable.

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S1-THPU32P7S and S1-THPU32HP7S(Humidity)

  • "Simple as You Want" Operation
    with Easy to Read Display
  • Switchable Programmable or Non-Programmable
  • Up to 4 Heat & 2 Cool Stages
  • Gas Electric or Heat Pump Control
  • Dual Fuel Capable
  • Independently Adjustable Timers &
    Deadbands for all Stages of Heating and Cooling
  • Passcode Security for
    Screen Lock and Setpoint Limits
  • Simple-Stat Operation
  • Programmable Fan
  • Outdoor Sensor Ready
  • Choice of English, Spanish and French
  • Customizable Screensaver
  • Customizable Wallpaper


S1-TBPU32P7S and S1-TBPU32HP7S(Humidity)

  • 7-Day Time Period Programming
    with Occupied/Unoccupied periods
  • 365-day Holiday Scheduler
  • Up to 4 Heat & 2 Cool Stages
  • Gas Electric or Heat Pump Control
  • Independently Adjustable Timers & Deadbands
    for all Stages of Heating and Cooling
  • Multi-Level Passcode Security
    for Screen Lock and Setpoint Limits
  • Fan Purge
  • Outdoor or Remote Temperature Sensing
  • Override Functionality
  • Smart Recovery
  • Choice of English, Spanish and French
  • Customizable Screensaver
  • Customizable Wallpaper

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CTS Desktop App

With CTS Desktop App, users can customize their photos with CTS Desktop App's built-in editing features, including zoom, rotate, color, and brightness adjustment, or reset to put the photo back to its original format. Using the " preview " feature, users can see how the photo will look as background wallpaper once the thermostat info is placed over the photo. Preview allows them to make sure their photo selections are acceptable before uploading them to the thermostat.

Source1 dealers may use this application to import their logo and contact information to the CTS Series thermostat. Each time CTS Desktop App opens it checks with the Source1 Thermostats website for any application updates and the latest thermostat firmware.








CTS Series Outdoor/Indoor Temperature Sensor




CTS Skyport Key


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